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Suupohjan kartta

How about making a life change and jumping to the way of life of Suupohja region? The Finnish countryside is much more, it surprises with its versatility. Here know-how is combined with tranquility of nature and entrepreneurship has good spirit.

The Suupohja region is situated in Southern osthrobotnia, in Western Finland. The history of this area goes back an extremely long time as Wolf Cave is the oldest human dwelling in Northern Europe. The Neanderthals lived there 120,000 years ago using stone tools whereas the present inhabitants have knowledge and skills of the 21st century.



People don’t act alone in Suupohja. Although private entrepreneurship is more than characteristic for them, cooperation and communities are also vital. The local people in Suupohja region are active in organisations; they enjoy being and doing together. Through associations and other networks they can improve their neighborhood, remedy grievances and find new sources of livelyhood.


In the Suupohja region there are distict strenghts and specialized entrepreneurship to be found. Important sources of livelihood are metal insdustry, branch of logistic systems, food industry, furniture industry and agriculture.

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